Justice Co X Lanna Coffee

Justice Coalition

$ 12.00
The Justice Coalition has partnered with wholesale coffee roasters, Lanna Coffee, to provide top-notch directly sourced coffee from the hills of Thailand.
Each 12 oz. resealable bag sells for $12  and  $5 from every bag goes directly to our local work here!
You can purchase ground and whole bean bags in these blends:
Artisan (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Bright, Sweet, Floral 
Honey Artisan (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Crisp, Sweet, Floral
House (MEDIUM ROAST) - Notes: Balanced - Vanilla - Nutty
French (DARK ROAST) - Notes: Full Body - Roasty - Chocolatey
Decaf House (MEDIUM ROAST) - Notes: Balanced - Dark Chocolate - Fruit